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Chromaline Accujet Films—Chromaline AccuFAST Inkjet Film - Waterproof For Pigment and Dye Based Inks, Waterproof Film. Prints with nearly all pigment and dye based inks. D-Max up to 4.0 accommodates the most popular RIP programs. An affordable top-quality waterproof film. User guide.


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EXILE Technologies is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality thermal imaging equipment, film products, and direct-to-screen devices.

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Easiway On-Press Cleaners—Replace hazardous materials with unique on-press solvents that dissolve virtually all inks. These cleaners have no employee exposure limits, and evaporate quickly. EasiSolv 820 for textile printers, or 120 and 140 for graphic printers, can reduce on-press solvent consumption by 50-70%, cutting VOC emissions and reducing hazards to employees. They are also great for cleaning flood bars and squeegees. EasiSolv 140 is a revolutionary new on press cleaner that dries quickly, hs little odor, and a flash point above 140. This makes 140 much safer and simpler to dispose of compared to lower flash, volatile solvents.

Easiway One-Step Cleaner and Emulsion Remover—EasiStrip is a revolutionary ready-to-use liquid cleaner that provides a streamlined approach to reclaiming textile printing screens. When used as directed, this unique product dissolves plastisol and water base ink, water soluble block-out, direct and capillary emulsion film as well as tape residue. EasiStrip is a low odor, non-flammable, biodegradable, and non-hazardous product. It will not only be less costly than using several products, you will also benefit from less labor and an improved efficiency over most of the process' currently in use today.

Easiway Stencil Removers—All EasiSolve Stencil Removers are manufactured to quickly and thoroughly dissolve all types of photostencils. Available in ready-to-use liquid, liquid concentrate, liquid super-concentrate and powdered forms. Just choose your strength.

Easiway Stain Remover—EasiSolv Gold is a biodegradable, fast acting, one part liquid designed to quickly and thoroughly dissolve all ink stains, emulsion residue/stains and ghost images from all types of screen printing mesh.

Easiway Mesh Preparation—Screen Perfect Emulsion/Stencil Enhancer EasiSolv Scren Perfect, Easiway's revolutionary patented mesh treatment, will give you remarkably improved stencils free of pinholes, fisheyes and other defects. Screen Perfect improves emulsion flow over the mesh providing a more uniform, durable stencil.



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