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Industrial Fabric—The Monoprint program offers you the optimum mesh for virtually every printing project. Combine the wide selection of precision fabrics, our excellence in service and competitive pricing. Monoprint will be more than an alternative.

Sefar Polyestar Mesh PECAP LE—The development of PECAP LE was adapted to increased market demand for screen making applications that require exacting detail, quality reproduction and consistent results. Also available Nitex, PA-2000 ,Vario and BOPP.

Murakami Mesh—Experience the difference today with the world's finest Japanese thread woven by the state-of-the-art heat setting technology and high precision quality process control. Our mill, Nittoku, continues to develop an advanced precision woven screen, based on their extensive research and testing with latest technologies in thread manufacturing and screen printing process. Stretched to high tension quickly with very low elongation every time.

Murakami Mesh Power Mesh—Strongest S (thin thread) on the market today. Available in mesh counts: 310S, 330S, 350S, 380S and 420S. Exceptional dimensional stability, consistent in the size and shape of the meshing opening. Highest tension level with extremely low elongation percentage gives the best stencil quality and easy printability for close tolerance applications.

Murakami Mesh SS Mesh—High-tension Low-elongation mesh for SS, S, M, T, HD threads. Excellent consistency and dimensional stability. Quick stretching to desired tension level with very low elongation. Mesh count available from 225 to 390 per inch. Available in widths of 45", 53", 61", 82" and 92". Special order for wider than 92".

Murakami Mesh SX—Ultra-high precision LE monofilament polyester/polyamide mesh. Designed for applications that require wider opening with thinner thread and better ink permeability during printing. Mesh count available in 300S, 330S, 350S, 420S. Available in widths of 42', 53", 62".

Shur-Loc Fabric System—The panels are built for both Stretch Devices Newman Rollers and the Diamond Chase retensionable frame from Olec Corp. It works for most sizes you'll encounter and for mesh counts from 40 to 380.

The panel is a precision cut piece of mesh fabric affixed to plastic connectors on the edges. The panels eliminate the need for locking strips and simply snap into place onto the frame of your choice. Different meshes have color-coded plastic connectors for ease of identification. The corners are pre-softened. The panels provide much more consistent screen without the need for extensive training.


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