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Screen-Print Emulsions

Autotype Direct emulsion Family of Products
Our 25-year history of emulsion development culminates in the most refined Autosol range to date. It's a streamlined product line in a slick new package, with seven outstanding direct emulsions that give you unrivaled performance, regardless of the application. Selecting the right product for the job has never been easier!

Most Autosol Direct Emulsions now employ the Direct Addition Diazo Method. Simply add the powdered sensitizer directly into the emulsion and stir well.

  • Autosol 2000—Fast exposure Very good print quality 34% solids content Resistant to solvent based, plastisol and UV-curable inks Wide exposure latitude Quick washout (processing) Easily reclaimed Direct addition diazo (no pre-mixing before adding to the emulsion).
  • Autosol 8000—We have built extreme durability and outstanding print quality into a product that is equally suited for both graphics and garment printing. Dual cure formulation.

Chromeline Photopolymer Emulsions

  • ChromaLime—NEW & IMPROVED pure photopolymer emulsion. This formula has been refined to fight humidity ensuring positives do not stick to the screen during exposure. This new formula is also optimized to work with UV LED exposure systems. This is the perfect direct emulsion for hot and humid weather!
    • Reformulated to fight humidity.
    • Works with UV LED & traditional exposure systems.
    • Lime color promotes thorough exposure & easy registration.
    • Improved resolution and definition.
    • Optimized for UV LED & traditional UV exposure systems
    • Very fast exposure
    • Eliminates/greatly reduces sticking to inkjet films
    • Non-tacky in high humidity conditions
    • Exceptional resolution & definition
    • Optimal translucency for easy registration & faster press setups
  • ChromaTech WR—a NEW water resistant pure photopolymer emulsion. This is Chromaline's newest photostencil emulsion for water-based ink users. With its higher solids content, WR provides a good coat and is an excellent choice for demanding printers.
    • Fast Exposure
    • Excellent mesh bridging
    • Sharp image quality
    • Resistance to plastisol, water and discharge inks

Dual Cure Sensitized Emulsions

  • Magna/Cure® UDC-HV—This emulsion has high viscosity for easy coating on low or high mesh counts. Plus, UDC-HV offers excellent resistance to a wide range of inks and additives.
  • Magna/Cure® UDC-2—Provides the perfect combination of price and performance. With superior exposure speed and latitude and moderate water resistance, UDC-2 is the ideal selection for printers in nearly every category.
  • Magna/Cure® UDC-ACE—Universal emulsion offering excellent resistance in any imaging application. UDC-ACE was designed to work as traditional or automatic coating emulsion.
  • Spike UDC-420D—Designed to optimize at the 420 nanometer spectral point, allowing fast, accurate exposure. Spike UDC-420D promotes easy coating on low or high mesh counts while offering the resistance and durability of a dual cure emulsion.

KIWO Direct Emulsions—Kiwocol Poly-Plus: Diazo-Photopolymer Direct Emulsions:

  • KIWOCOL POLY-PLUS SRX—As the industry's highest quality emulsion, the optimized formula of POLY-PLUS SRX offers unsurpassed excellence in resolution for close tolerance work such as halftone reproduction for 85 LPI and higher. The choice for any graphic ink system as well as short runs with water-based graphic ink systems.
  • KIWOCOL POLY-PLUS SWR and KIWOCOL POLY-PLUS SWR RED—Enables you to reproduce quality printed images with the most popular ink systems available today - an excellent choice for close tolerance printing. High resistance to solvents and moisture make a very durable stencil that is suitable for long runs on a wide variety of substrates.
  • KIWOCOL POLY-PLUS S and KIWOCOL POLY-PLUS S undyed—Our most popular product with screen printers year after year, POLY-PLUS S offers outstanding copying properties. It is highly suitable for halftone reproduction up to 85 LPI or other fine detail work. Its solvent resistance gives it superior strength against most solvents and ink washes, while remaining durable in humid environments.
  • POLY-PLUS HWR—Produces a highly water resistant stencil designed for use with water based inks in long run applications. Due to its high mechanical and abrasion resistance, HWR is also ideal for ceramic inks as well as roll to roll printing of wallpaper, rugs, glass and other abrasive substrates.
  • POLY-PLUS HV—A high viscosity/high solids content emulsion for very thick emulsion build-up on coarse to medium mesh counts

KIWO Direct Emulsions—POLYCOL: SBQ-Photopolymer Direct Emulsions:

  • POLYCOL NeXT TX5Specifically formulated for the garment printer. NeXT TX5 features ultra-fast exposure, outstanding coating properties and good resistance for long print runs with plastisol inks. It offers good performance with weak light sources while the low viscosity allows quick emulsion buildup on all mesh counts.

Photopolymer Sensitized Emulsions

  • Chroma/Tech® PL—The "textile emulsion" for plastisol ink users. High solids gives good buildups with fewer coats, saving time and providing more screens per gallon. Because it speeds up the entire process - coating, dry times and exposure speed - Chroma/Tech PL offers benefits to both large and small accounts alike.
  • Chroma/Tech® PL-2—This new photopolymer emulsion is ideal for textile printers seeking accuracy when doing fine detail work, halftones and four color process work. Fast exposing with excellent image quality. Excellent coating on high mesh counts. Ultimate quality at a low price.
  • Spike CT-420D—Designed to optimize at the 420 nanometer spectral point, Spike CT-420D photopolymer emulsion allows for fast, accurate exposures. Spike CT-420D has high solids allowing for easy coating on low or high mesh counts.

Murakami Photocure Series—Murakami is introducing a new series of pure and diazo photopolymer direct emulsions, Photocure that are affordably priced without compromising high quality stencil performance.

  • Photocure TXR—Red colored SBQ presensitized pure photopolymer direct emulsion, recommended for textile printers using plasitsol inks. Optional diazo can be added to improve water resistance.
  • Photocure SR—Red colored SBQ patented pure photopolymer direct emulsion, recommended for UV, commercial, graphics, and textile (plastisol) inks. Optional diazo can be added to improve water resistance.

Murakami SBQ-Presensitized Direct Emulsions

  • One Pot SOL C—SBQ-presensitized emulsion for close tolerance printing applications for electronics and four color process. Designed for very fine detail and halftones. Easily reclaimable. For use with mild to aggressive solvent based inks.
  • Aquadol TS—SBQ-presensitized emulstion for textile printers. This emulsion is superior in water resistance when used with diazo. A & B hardener may also be necessary when used with discharge inks on long runs. Not easily reclaimable.

Ulano Direct Emulsions—Ulano manufactures a full range of diazo, diazo-photopolymer (dual cure), and SBQ photopolymer direct emulsions for all printing applications. Ulano maintains the industry's highest quality control standards in order to guarantee consistent, dependable, high quality products.

  • 925WR—A pale violet emulsion that shares the main characteristics of Ulano's TX emulsions, but with a higher solids content and even better resolution, edge definition, and exposure latitude. Stencils produced with 925WR are completely water resistant and very durable. 925WR comes with a syrup diazo sensitizer, for faster and surer mixing. Recommended for imprinted sportswear applications.
  • 925WR/CL—Same as 925WR, but supplied clear for easier see-through registration. (Separate violet color supplied with purchase.)
  • TLX—TLX is a multi-purpose high speed diazo photopolymer direct emulsion. TLX's very high solids content provides better stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and faster drying. TLX has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to a wide variety of solvent- and water-based ink systems. TLX is recommended for imprinted sportswear, P-O-P, and advertising specialty printing.
  • RLX & RLX/CL—An advanced multi-purpose, fast exposing diazo photopolymer emulsion with exceptional exposure latitude, edge definition, and resolution. RLX's very high solids content provides better stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and fast drying. RLX has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to a wide variety of solvent and water based ink systems. The high-contrast coloration of RLX facilitates inspection of the stencil prior to printing. RLX/CL is supplied undyed for easier see-through registration. (Separate magenta color is supplied with purchase.)
  • DLX—An all-season premium diazo photopolymer emulsion with high solids, high resolution, and excellent definition. Formulated to eliminate the residual oiliness characteristics of dual-cure emulsions, DLX dries quickly and reduces the sticking of positives. Dyed a brilliant blue color, stencils made with DLX are easy to inspect on all mesh colors.
  • QTX—Is a ready-to-use, ultra-fast exposing SBQ photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear applications. QTX's high solids content provides superior coating properties, better bridging of coarse fabric, and fast drying. QTX resists plastisol and water-based inks, is also extremely durable, and reclaims easily. Do not subject to strong solvents during printing or wash-up.







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