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Capillary Films & Emulsions Partners

Autotype Capillex Photostencil Films Product Family—The critical deposit capillary films designed for the most demanding industry applications. Ultra high print quality. Low, controlled stencil profile. Outstanding durability. Offering Capillex 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 50, 80, CP, CX, and Capillex Laminating Fluid.

Chromaline Diazo Sensitized Capillary Films—Pro/Cap: economically priced, diazo based capillary film is a convenient, dependable performer with a reputation for producing trouble-free screens. The "workhorse" capillary film for use with UV, solvent-based and plastisol inks. For screen makers demanding high edge definition and reliable durability at a price value.

Chromaline Dual Cure Sensitized Capillary Films—Magna/Cure: capillary films are phothopolymer/diazo based, dual cure photostencil systems which provide remarkable image quality and exceptionally durable stencils. America's first dual cure film system, for use with UV, plastisol, water-based and solvent based inks. Magna/Cure pre-sensitized capillary films is for printers demanding a premium.

Chromaline Presensitized Film for Heavy Ink Deposit—Chroma/Tech Phat Film: the ideal choice for printers seeking heavy ink deposit in a variety of applications. PHAT film works well for textile printers working with high density inks. Electronics and industrial printers will appreciate PHAT film's ability to accomplish extreme stencil build-up.

KIWO Capillary Film—DS-Series Capillary Film:

  • DS-18—Designed for fine mesh counts and minimum ink deposit. Recommended ink types for DS-18 are: *UV- curable ink * Conventional, solvent-based * PCB legend * Plastisol.
  • DS-25—Excellent choice for printing general graphics requiring high resolution & print definition. Recommended ink types for DS-25 are: *UV-curable ink * Conventional, solvent-based * Plastisol.
  • DS-35—Offers good print definition and is highly recommended for printed circuit boards and garment printing. Recommended ink types for DS-35 are: * Conventional, solvent-based * PCB (solder mask) * Plastisol.
  • DS-50—Specifically designed for lower mesh counts and thicker ink deposits. Recommended ink types for DS-50 are:* Conventional, solvent-based * PCB (solder mask) * Plastisol.
  • DS-70—Ideal when thick stencils are required on coarse mesh counts. Recommended ink types for DS-70 are: * Conventional, solvent-based * PCB (solder mask/paste) * Plastisol.

Murakami Capillary Films—SBQ-PVA based pure photopolymer films manufactured to the highest standard of quality control at their factory. Murakami SBQ Films are developed to overcome common disadvantages of diazo films.

Murakami Thick Films—SBQ-PVA based pure photopolymer films manufactured to the highest standard of quality control at their factory. Available in thicknesses from 50- 700 microns.

Ulano CDF Direct-Film System—The CDF system comprises a series of presensitized, direct system photographic stencil films suited to a broad range of inks and applications. CDF Direct-Film is adhered to screens still wet from the degreasing rinse. Water held in the fabric softens the film emulsion, which is attracted (by capillary action) up into the mesh structure. A single squeegee stroke skims off excess water, controlling the thickness of the stencil and speeding drying, the polyester backing is removed and the screen is ready for exposure and washout with plain water.

  • CDF—For a wide range of applications with normal solvent inks.
  • CDF/QSR—For pure photopolymer stencils with complete solvent resistance.
  • CDF/QT—For pure photopolymer stencils with plastisol and some water resistance.






Frames & Chases

Draw-Bar Frames By Diamond Chase An Olec Company—The Draw-Bar Frame system is a U- shaped channel with an enclosed fabric locking bar that is drawn outward with numerous bolts to tension and adjust the screen The ease of the locking system allows for excellent fabric installations and alignment. The ability to adjust on-press mis-registration within the frame itself makes it the most accurate system available.

Sefar-Hurtz Rigid Aluminum Frames—Available in many standard profiles, as well as custom sizes. Engineered for strength, warp resistance and long life.

Olec/Diamond Chase



Industrial Fabric—The Monoprint program offers you the optimum mesh for virtually every printing project. Combine the wide selection of precision fabrics, our excellence in service and competitive pricing. Monoprint will be more than an alternative.

Murakami Mesh—Experience the difference today with the world's finest Japanese thread woven by the state-of-the-art heat setting technology and high precision quality process control. Our mill, Nittoku, continues to develop an advanced precision woven screen, based on their extensive research and testing with latest technologies in thread manufacturing and screen printing process. Stretched to high tension quickly with very low elongation every time.

Murakami Mesh Power Mesh—Strongest S (thin thread) on the market today. Available in mesh counts: 310S, 330S, 350S, 380S and 420S. Exceptional dimensional stability, consistent in the size and shape of the meshing opening. Highest tension level with extremely low elongation percentage gives the best stencil quality and easy printability for close tolerance applications.

Murakami Mesh SS Mesh—High-tension Low-elongation mesh for SS, S, M, T, HD threads. Excellent consistency and dimensional stability. Quick stretching to desired tension level with very low elongation. Mesh count available from 225 to 390 per inch. Available in widths of 45", 53", 61", 82" and 92". Special order for wider than 92".

Murakami Mesh SX—Ultra-high precision LE monofilament polyester/polyamide mesh. Designed for applications that require wider opening with thinner thread and better ink permeability during printing. Mesh count available in 300S, 330S, 350S, 420S. Available in widths of 42', 53", 62".

Sefar Polyestar Mesh PECAP LE—The development of PECAP LE was adapted to increased market demand for screen making applications that require exacting detail, quality reproduction and consistent results. Also available Nitex, PA-2000 ,Vario and BOPP.

Industrial Fabric



Solder Mask & Legend Inks

Electra Scribe—A range of epoxy based notation inks formulated for high-volume, high definition and high contrast requirements. Each offers excellent adhesion to base laminate, copper and soldermask while remaining resistant to solvents and chemicals.

Haven PC 401/501 Thermal Solder Masks—PC401 is the original industry standard thermal solder mask. PC 401 is a highly thixotropic two part system, incorporating a high functionality, liquid epoxy resin. PC501 is a two part system intended for application over bare copper surface. It is designed for excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Haven Legend Inks for Marking Printed Circuit Boards—PC 421 Marking Ink is a two part, thermally cured epoxy marking ink for printer circuit boards. It has been designed for excellent adhesion to most solder masks and substrates.


Haven Manufacturers


Easiway On-Press Cleaners—Replace hazardous materials with unique on-press solvents that dissolve virtually all inks. These cleaners have no employee exposure limits, and evaporate quickly. EasiSolv 120 and 140 for graphic printers, can reduce on-press solvent consumption by 50-70%, cutting VOC emissions and reducing hazards to employees. They are also great for cleaning flood bars and squeegees. EasiSolv 140 is a revolutionary new on press cleaner that dries quickly, has little odor, and a flash point above 140. This makes 140 much safer and simpler to dispose of compared to lower flash, volatile solvents.

Easiway One-Step Cleaner and Emulsion Remover—EasiStrip is a revolutionary ready-to-use liquid cleaner that provides a streamlined approach to reclaiming textile printing screens. When used as directed, this unique product dissolves plastisol and water base ink, water soluble block-out, direct and capillary emulsion film as well as tape residue. EasiStrip is a low odor, non-flammable, biodegradable, and non-hazardous product. It will not only be less costly than using several products, you will also benefit from less labor and an improved efficiency over most of the process' currently in use today.

Easiway Stencil Removers—All EasiSolve Stencil Removers are manufactured to quickly and thoroughly dissolve all types of photostencils. Available in ready-to-use liquid, liquid concentrate, liquid super-concentrate and powdered forms. Just choose your strength.

Easiway Stain Remover—EasiSolv Gold is a biodegradable, fast acting, one part liquid designed to quickly and thoroughly dissolve all ink stains, emulsion residue/stains and ghost images from all types of screen printing mesh.

Easiway Mesh Preparation—Screen Perfect Emulsion/Stencil Enhancer EasiSolv Screen Perfect, Easiway's revolutionary patented mesh treatment, will give you remarkably improved stencils free of pinholes, fisheyes and other defects. Screen Perfect improves emulsion flow over the mesh providing a more uniform, durable stencil.


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