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  Printed Circuit Materials-Equipment & Spare Parts

Exposure Systems


DuPont RISTON PC-130 Printer—exposes RISTON Photopolymer Film Resists and VACREL Dry Film Solder Mask to high energy ultraviolet light. The Printer has two exposure lamps and two exposure frames allowing the operator to expose both sides of the panel in one frame while loading the other frame. Click here for more information.

DuPont Printed Circuit Materials



DuPont Hot Roll Laminator/Cleaner (HRL-24)–designed for use with RISTON photopolymer film resist. The Laminator uses large-diameter, internally heated rolls and incorporates solid state temperature controls to achieve optimum lamination. The heated roles are in intimate contact with the resist and transfer heat directly to it and the boards. The Cleaner reduces lamination defects caused by dirt or particles between the resist and the board. Click here for more information.

DuPont VACREL Solder Mask Vacuum Laminators, Models 300 and 330 (SMVL-300/330)—designed to laminate VACREL Dry Film Solder Mask to one or both sides of printed wiring boards. Click here for more information.

Etcho HRL—Etchomatic's hot roll laminator applies dry film photoresists. By thermal bonding to one or both sides of substrate materials for PWB's or chemical milling applications. The updated design improves reliability and provides more accurate temperature and speed control. Etcho HRL lamination cleaner option enhances the lamination process by neutralizing static and exhausting particulates and resist fumes.

DuPont Printed Circuit Materials



OEM Lay-Up Station—OEM Break-Down StationÑOEM Copper-Caul-Copper Automatic Lay-Up StationÑ are all part of the systems available from OEM.

OEM Lamination Press—An integrated Loader/Unloader system allows multiple presses to be serviced by a single Loader/Unloader. The integration of Accumulators, for staging of unpressed and pressed books, maximizes the productivity of the press system. Multiple Loader/Unloader designs, Floor mount, Cantilever, and Overhead Gantry, are available, offering efficient product handling and flexible press system layout catering to your specific installation requirements. Building Block concept to easily add press capacity.


Screen Printing


Sefar G-570 Vertical Drying Cabinet—Its robust construction features a double door with transparent Plexiglass on the front side and 10 vertical reception units for screen frames, designed of U-shaped steel profiles.

Operator safety is inherent is this unit that features a safety thermostat which provides total protection of the heater elements.

Sefar G-550 Horizontal Drying Cabinet—Mirrors the G-570 in construction stability and sturdiness. An outstanding feature of this unit is its 5 drawers. Each one slides smoothly on ball-bearing slides outfitted with end stops. Drawer design permits users to position several screens next to one another for optimum capacity production. Operator safety is met in this unit with its own safety thermostat that provides total protection of the heater elements.

Sefar TEKAIR Vertical Drying Chamber—This chamber is designed to accommodate the limitations for screen making work environments. Featuring 2 doors front & back, with a frame capacity of 54 x 74 O.D, the TEKAIR occupies only 15 sq feet of space. TEKAIR features 9 tracks to guide frames and 12 horizontal positions for steel rods. Two fans and six heating elements are conveniently positioned in a slide-out drawer.

Total operator safety was factored into this unit's design configuration with a central control panel positioned for total accessibility and ease of operation.

Sefar G-11 Automatic Screen Washout Unit—The G-11's welded construction comprised of chromium steel, is designed to remove ink from screen printing stencils and effectively combines energy saving features with ease of use. To ensure optimum operator safety, all drive units are protected by sliding clutches. The G-11¹s distinctive design concept that is incorporat ed throughout this machine, allows for the width of the G-11, to be divided into sectors, effectively reducing the quantity of solvent used.

Sefar G-110 Automatic Screen Cleaning Machine—The G-110 Automatic cleaning machine:The latest addition to the GR†NIG cleaning and reclaiming line is the micro-processor based G-110, exclusively designed for the removal of ink from screen printing stencils, frames, by means of solvents specifically developed for this purpose (flashing point > 45¹C or 105¹F). A central machine compartment featuring built-in solvent tanks and a double-walled collector trough with a washing bay, allows for easy front loading. Solvent is sprayed through fan-jet nozzles that guarantee each screen is thoroughly washed over its entire surface on both sides.


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