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  Printed Circuit Materials-Multi-Layer Materials
Release Films Partners

DuPont Tedlar Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF)—PVF films are the release materials of choice for the processing of epoxy-based printed circuit substrates. The high tensile and tear strengths, inertness, thermal stability and nonstick properties of Tedlar combine to make an excellent release film for FR-4 laminate and multi-layer board production.

Tedlar Films—Can be used in transfer, reverse or direct- print applications with many water-based, solvent or UV cured inks.

DuPont Tedlar

Inspection & Marking Stamps

Mark V Labs - Formula-1—The first cold mount system formulated specifically for cross-section mounting. The two-part Powder and Liquid system features dramatic improvements in mounting quality and preparation.

Insta Mark 116—Able to mark your custom inspection symbol in all those hard to reach places. The new plastic housing, it's marking head only .40 in diameter, allows the user to mark between components and tight places on PCB's.

Insta Mark 126—Excellent for all inspection marking on non-porous surfaces. The 126 has a .45 max diameter print area. You may choose from standard 1/4 and 3/8 diameter symbols, or you may customize any configuration needed.

Mark V Labs

VRS Marking

Multi-Layer Supplies & Brushes

3M High Resolution Printed Circuit Bristle Brushes (HR PCBB)—Composed of abrasive-filled bristles formed into a channel and wound on a core. The HR PCBB provides a uniform, high density bristle construction.

3M Scotch-Brite High Resolution Printed Circuit Cleaning Brushes (HR PCCB)—Composed of tightly compressed, resin-bonded Scotch-Brite discs. This construction provides a consistent and aggressive cleaning action.

3M Scotch-Brite High Resolution Printed Circuit Flap Brushes (HR PCFB)—Made of tightly compressed, resin-bonded Scotch-Brite flaps. This construction provides a consistent, aggressive, yet somewhat gentler cleaning action than the High Resolution PC Cleaning Brush.



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