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  Printed Circuit Materials-Imaging

Phototool Protective Films

Filmguard—Thin emulsion protection film providing a tough, durable shield over silver, diazo or glass phototools.

Ultraguard—Provides a superior surface to resist scratches, nicks, and other abrasion damage during the phototool process.

MTH Corporation

Dry Film Resist

Riston EtchMaster—A highly productive, high resolution acid or alkaline etch resist for large volume and fine line production.

Riston GoldMaster—A specialized gold plating resist with exceptional resistance to harsh plating chemistries coupled with easy stripping.

Riston PlateMaster—The market leading plating resist with consistently high yields and robust processing latitude in copper, tine and tin/lead plating, PlateMaster exhibits outstanding plated line uniformity, fine line resolution and wide surface tolerance.

Riston TentMaster—Specially formulated for high yields in tent-and-etch applications, with wide process latitude from lamination through stripping.

Riston MultiMaster—A general purpose product with exceptional resolution and clean stripping for alkaline etching and all plating.

Riston Technology: The YieldMaster 2000 System—Specifically designed to deliver optimum yields with ZERO capital investment, this unique thin film and lamination system provides superior conformation and high productivity, with excellent etched line quality in acid and alkaline etching applications.

DuPont Printed Circuit Materials

Silver Film & Chemistries Partners

Conductive Compounds—Functional Ink Solutions:

  • Membrane Switches: Conductive Layer, Tail Protection or Blending with Silver Ink, Tail Pin Protectio, Component Surface Moun, Component Protection
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) & Cell Phone Antennas
  • EMI/RFI Shielding & Antistatic Protection: Spraying, Coating, Dipping or Saturation: Conductive Layer
  • Thermoformable Molding
  • PCB Boards: Repairing Board, Encapsulation, Low Cure Wire Attachmen, Conductive Via Fill
  • Other Specialty Applications: Medical Imaging Inks, Staking Materials & Potting Compounds, Heat Stable Carbon Inks, Water Based Silver Filled Ink

Conductive Compounds

Liquid Photo Imageable & Pastes

Carapace Aqueous Liquid Photoimageable Soldermask—Carapace is a contact exposure, aqueous developing, liquid photoimageable soldermask, sing two-component epoxy technology to give high level of chemical resistance over copper, copper oxide, tin-lead or gold plated circuits.


Liquid Photo Imageable & Pastes

Stouffer Step Tablets—Around the world the Stouffer 21-step Transparent Guide serves as a gauge to evaluate the variables encountered in the exposure and processing of lithographic plates and photographic materials by contact. It indicates the direction and magnitude of exposure or processing adjustments necessary to achieve the desired results. It is also used with contact positives, silk screen, printed circuit boards, and most other photographic applications for judging results, determining speed and contrast of emulsions, and hardness of coatings.

Eye Loupes—Available in various sizes and magnifications.

3M brand No. 5800 Clean-Walk Mats—Remove dirt and contaminants from the bottom of shoes, wheels and other passing objects with 3M brand No. 5800 Clean-Walk Mats. These adhesive floor mats are an easy way to maintain your standards of cleanliness in your work area, because they remove dust and dirt on contact. 3M mats are long lasting too. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel it back to reveal clean adhesive sheet underneath.

Tacky Rollers and Pads—The Etcho 9.5" x 13" Tacky Pad with 50 disposable sheets, cleans dust, chips and microscopic contaminants from dirty rollers.

Lite and Dry Tack Clothes—Best for use on glass, plastics and highly polished surfaces or where very warm surface temperature may be encountered upon application.

Film Punches—Burgess (formerly Carlson) and Stoesser. Call for quote.

Glass and Film Cleaners—High-performance aerosols formulated for the needs of screen printers.

Light Tables—Nuarc and Federal Graphics. Call for quote.

Touch-up Pens—Blue, Red, Black, Medium and Fine Pens. Pens are available in four sizes and three colors.

Film Storage Envelopes—Tyvek, Foster, Rocconex, and Jalema.



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