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  Printed Circuit Materials-Chemsitry
Process Chemistry Partners

Chemelex DX-4—040% potassium carbonate with additives for extended bath life, higher yields and faster speeds.

Chemelex DX-45—High loading formula specifically designed for use in feed and bleed systems. Ideal for LPI.

Chemelex FINE LINE 40—40% potassium carbonate with no sodium ions for use with hard water. Additives for extended bath life.

Chemelex Sodium Carbonate Solution—One-part concentrate formulated to develop fully aqueous dry film photoresist.

Chemelex ADF-25—Latest generation of resist strippers for outstanding performance on today's newest dry films. Contains enhanced anti-tarnish package for a bright copper appearance. Excellent loading capacity.

Chemelex ADF-25C—Concentrated version of ADF-25.

Chemelex ADF-30—Strong, consistent performance on a wide variety of photoresists. More anti-tarnish for a brighter copper finish. Large particle size for easy filtration.

Chemelex ADF-35—Low VOC formula for inner layer stripping. Contains anti-tarnish for bright, uniform copper appearance and produces large particles for easy filtration and prolonged bath life.

Chemelex ADF-202—Stripper for resists and photomasks applied over leveled solder for deep gold selective plating.

Chemelex DUAL STRIP—Highly effective for stripping a combination of dry film and screen ink resists. Consistently maintains a long effective bath life. BAT* package available.

Chemelex MICROSTRIP—Excellent for breaking aqueous resist into very small particles for fine line applications.

Chemelex MICROSTRIP 2000—Semi-aqueous stripper with additives for increased penetration into two to three mil lines and spaces.

Chemelex ULTRASTRIP—Highly concentrated and highest loading of the resist strippers. BAT* package available.



Etchomatic White Dot*—White Dot is a specially formulated activated pumice cleaner for printed circuits, chemical milling, multi-layers and flexible circuitry. It is ideal for cleaning thin film and flexible materials, which are not compatible with machine scrubbing and can be used for photo resist, screening and plating operations. It removes soils, oxides, organic and inorganic contamination from copper and other metallic surfaces. White Dot contains fine grain pumice for scratch-free copper surfaces, wetting agent to aid cleansing, and rinsing action, and an activator to promote adhesion of resists and plating. Provides a mildly abraded surface for outstanding adhesion. White Dot does not contain chlorine or bleach and is completely biodegradable.

Navajo Pumice—Many grades available.



Metallic Resources Electrolytic Solder—You can depend upon Metallic Resources' solders to flow smoothly and evenly every time. That's because their exclusive electrolytic process produces consistent top performance from every lot. Metallic Resources' solder is compatible with any other high quality solder. Their solder is so compatible with today's fluxes, solvents and other related soldering chemicals.

Metallic Resources Tin—The purest tin possible.

Metallic Resources

Plating Supplies

Scotch Brand No. 1280 Circuit Plating Tapes—These polyester-backed tapes feature an extra thick conformable adhesive to prevent wicking. Both resist plating and etching solutions found in PWB processing can help you achieve sizable reductions in your board reject rate.

Scotch Brand No. 1290 & Fume Protection Tapes—These cost-efficient, low tack polyester tapes protect large areas of circuit boards. Both are resistant to cleaning chemicals and the fumes from plating solutions.

3M General Purpose Pad No. 7447—For all-around use in finishing room. Leaves smooth lacquered surfaces on flats, as well as shapes. Replaces 3/0-4/0 steel wool and 220-280 grit coated abrasive.

3M Ultra Fine Pad 7448—Is a light duty pad designed for use in rub room or final stages of finishing room where a great deal of aggressiveness is not desired. Can be used for hand sanding in rub room or where repairs are being made.

M&B Plating Racks—The only rack with all coppers splines and copper contacts. All copper construction assures the best possible current distribution. All copper to copper connections. Improve the quality of your plating.

Filter Products—Filter cartridges that provide up to 10 time the particle removal capacity of standard pleated filtration products. FWI products are formulated to meet FDA and pharmaceutical requirements. Additionally, flat sheets are available in standard sizes to fit presses, plates, frames and other media.

Carbon Filtered Cartridges—Batt type, molded block and granular activated carbon in lengths from 4" to 40" fit all standard housings.

Anode Bags—Custom bags made from a wide range of material thickness and CFM ratings. Single and double ring tubular designs as well as drawstring and 3 dimensional styles to fit many popular equipment brands.

Granular Carbon Bags—Reusable-all sizes available to fit your needs. Made from mono-filament polypro and felt, these bags are individually made to accept many granular carbon mesh sizes. Used as low cost replacement bags for many well know systems and custom units.


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