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Dry Film Partners

Riston EtchMaster—A highly productive, high resolution acid or alkaline etch resist for large volume and fine line production.

Riston GoldMaster—A specialized gold plating resist with exceptional resistance to harsh plating chemistries coupled with easy stripping.

Riston PlateMaster—The market leading plating resist with consistently high yields and robust processing latitude in copper, tine and tin/lead plating, PlateMaster exhibits outstanding plated line uniformity, fine line resolution and wide surface tolerance.

Riston TentMaster—Specially formulated for high yields in tent-and-etch applications, with wide process latitude from lamination through stripping.

Riston MultiMaster—A general purpose product with exceptional resolution and clean stripping for alkaline etching and all plating.

Riston Technology: The YieldMaster 2000 System—Specifically designed to deliver optimum yields with ZERO capital investment, this unique thin film and lamination system provides superior conformation and high productivity, with excellent etched line quality in acid and alkaline etching applications.

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