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HMS is your partner for high-tech circuit board equipment in Germany and around the world.

We see ourselves as a flexible problem solver, first and foremost focusing on the people for whom we manufacture.

This means that our machines do not just roll off a production line, but are individually tailored to the requirements of each customer and the situation in question. So for example it is our customers, not us, who decide which process to work with. In our view a good partnership can withstand that degree of independence.

Our system's compatibility with the most diverse range of process suppliers sets the tone for the whole sector and is largely responsible for the role we see for ourselves: as a company which never loses sight of its goal and which consistently uses its opportunities to further consolidate its position for the future.


Dry Film Lamination

Etcho HRL—Etchomatic's hot roll laminator applies dry film photoresists. By thermal bonding to one or both sides of substrate materials for PWB's or chemical milling applications. The updated design improves reliability and provides more accurate temperature and speed control. Ethco HRL lamination cleaner option enhances the lamination process by neutralizing static and exhausting particulates and resist fumes.


Etchomatic Celebrates 60 Years!