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Printed Circuit Materials-Chemistry

Chemelex DX-40—40% potassium carbonate with additives for extended bath life, higher yields and faster speeds.

Chemelex DX-45—High loading formula specifically designed for use in feed and bleed systems. Ideal for LPI.

Chemelex FINE LINE 40—40% potassium carbonate with no sodium ions for use with hard water. Additives for extended bath life.

Chemelex Sodium Carbonate Solution—One-part concentrate formulated to develop fully aqueous dry film photoresist.

Chemelex ADF-25—Latest generation of resist strippers for outstanding performance on today's newest dry films. Contains enhanced anti-tarnish package for a bright copper appearance. Excellent loading capacity.

Chemelex ADF-25C—Concentrated version of ADF-25.

Chemelex ADF-30—Strong, consistent performance on a wide variety of photoresists. More anti- tarnish for a brighter copper finish. Large particle size for easy filtration.

Chemelex ADF-35—Low VOC formula for inner layer stripping. Contains anti-tarnish for bright, uniform copper appearance and produces large particles for easy filtration and prolonged bath life.

Chemelex ADF-202—Stripper for resists and photomasks applied over leveled solder for deep gold selective plating.

Chemelex DUAL STRIP—Highly effective for stripping a combination of dry film and screen ink resists. Consistently maintains a long effective bath life. BAT* package available.

Chemelex MICROSTRIP—Excellent for breaking aqueous resist into very small particles for fine line applications.

Chemelex MICROSTRIP 2000—Semi-aqueous stripper with additives for increased penetration into two to three mil lines and spaces.

Chemelex ULTRASTRIP—Highly concentrated and highest loading of the resist strippers. BAT* package available.



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