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Albatross—Albatross offers a complete line of screen cleaning and reclaiming chemicals and screen cleaning and reclaiming equipment. Albatross offers the widest selection of Pallets Adhesives options.

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Amergraph Corporation—In 1975, Amergraph Corporation produced its first exposure unit for the Graphic Arts industry. That very first machine was built with great care and the utmost quality. Through the years, they have explored and expanded into different markets to become a leading manufacturer in the Graphic Arts and Screenprinting industries. Amergraph has earned an excellent reputation with that same quality with which that first machine was built. Today, they produce Exposure Systems for these industries with the same care and commitment to quality that we began our business with over two decades ago.

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Autotype—The focus of Autotype is the creation and application of coating technology to meet the development needs of its customers. From its creation in 1868, this remains its driving vision. Imaging remains a core activity and Autotype products assist the development of pre-press imaging, screen printing, digital imaging and micro replication technology.

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A.W.T. World Trade, Inc.—A.W.T. World Trade Inc., a division of The A.W.T. World Trade Group, is the global leader in the screen printing equipment industry. Providing screen printers with one complete manufacturing source for high-quality new and remanufactured screen printing equipment, parts and supplies, A.W.T. offers an array of screen printing equipment that is loaded with high-performance features most other screen printing equipment manufacturers offer only as options. Designed for maximum productivity and engineered for years of reliable screen printing performance, A.W.T.'s complete line of screen printing equipment, parts and supplies provide the ultimate in screen printing convenience and the highest standards of screen printing quality.

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Chromaline—Chromaline Screen Print Products is a division of IKONICS Corporation. IKONICS has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the imaging industries the company serves. From its headquarters in Duluth Minnesota, IKONICS develops, manufactures and markets photochemical imaging products to customers around the world. These customers include screen printers and decorative sandcarvers from all corners of the globe, from large corporations to small home businesses.

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Easiway—Easiway Systems is committed to the development of products for the Screen Printing Industry which provide improved safety and performance over those hazardous products enjoying widespread use in the graphic arts field today. Easiway product advancements are helping many screen printing companies, large and small, achieve the goals of cost reduction, environmental compliance and workplace safety.

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Easiway Systems

KIWO Kissel + Wolf (KIWO) is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and Screen Printable Adhesives. We offer a complete line of screen making products including AZOCOL, KIWOCOL and POLYCOL photo-emulsions, CLEANLINE for environmentally safe screen cleaning, KIWOPRINT and other specialty screen printable adhesives, KIWOMAT high precision coating machines.



Murakami Screen—As a world wide leading manufacturer of photo masks and stencil materials, Murakami continues to offer the highest standard of quality products and services for Screen Printing industry. Ranging from high-end precision microcircuit packaging to textile/garment printing applications, their commitment to excellence continues to improve the quality of screen printable images and process by developing and advancing innovative technologies and superb products based on more than thirty eight years of dedication to the industry.



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PMI—PMI tapes are specialty tapes designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for retentionable frames like Newman frames.

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Ronald Mark Associates—Ronald Mark Associates has been a supplier of thermoplastic raw materials for 25 years. They offer Thermoplastic Chips, Thermoset Chips, as well as, PVC Blending Resins, Copolymer PVC Resins, Plastic Sheeting, PVC Compound, LDPE & HDPE, PS & PP.

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Ronald Mark Associates

Rutland—Rutland's many years of experience in plastisol formulation and a strong commitment to product development have established Rutland as an industry leader in product technology, including high performance Plastisol Screenprinting Inks, unique Industrial Products, and the number one supplier to the Automotive Filter industry.

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Stretch Devices, Inc.—Ultra light retensionable screen printing frames. Manufacturer of Newman mesh, screen tension meters, flood bars, squeegees and pin registration systems.

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Stretch Devices, Inc.

Sefar—Sefar America Inc. is North America's leading supplier of screening products for filtration and screen printing applications.



Shur-Loc—Shur-Loc Fabric System products help screenprinters prepare and stretch their screens easier and faster than ever before with accuracy and consistency with minimal training.



Tekmar—Your source for textile spot cleaning & water based bulk adhesive systems.

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Ulano—For over 60 years, Ulano has been helping screen printers make the very best impression! Our world-wide leadership enables us to focus on your future. Ulano's history and corporate philosophy reflect our time-honored commitment to growth through innovation, applied research, high quality manufacturing, and technical education of the customer and the industry. The success of that philosophy is evident in our growth from the earliest days of knife-cut film to the manufacture of world's most comprehensive, state of the art stencil systems.



Workhorse—Screen Printing Equipment: From manual T-shirt Printers, Automatic Textile Printers, Screen Exposure Systems, Spot Dryers, Gas Dryers to Flat Bed Presses and UV Dryers, Workhorse Products provides screen printing solutions for beginning and advanced printers alike.

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