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3M—3M is one of the world's largest suppliers to manufacturing and industry offering solutions for a wide variety of applications including bonding, converting, damping, filtering, finishing, grinding, masking, packaging, protecting, and taping.

Chemistry: Plating Supplies

Multi-Layer Materials: Supplies & Brushes


Autotype—The focus of Autotype is the creation and application of coating technology to meet the development needs of its customers. From its creation in 1868, this remains its driving vision. Imaging remains a core activity and Autotype products assist the development of pre-press imaging, screen printing, digital imaging and micro replication technology.

Screening: Capillary Films & Emulsions


Chemelex/RBP—Experts in high performance chemical technology for processing printed circuit boards, photo chemical milling and metal finishing.

Chemistry: Process Chemistry


Chromaline—Chromaline Screen Print Products is a division of IKONICS Corporation. IKONICS has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the imaging industries the company serves. From its headquarters in Duluth Minnesota, IKONICS develops, manufactures and markets photochemical imaging products to customers around the world. These customers include screen printers and decorative sandcarvers from all corners of the globe, from large corporations to small home businesses.

Screening: Capillary Films & Emulsions


Conductive Compounds—Conductive Compounds, Inc. specializes in functional inks for the printed electronics industry worldwide. They develop and manufacture standard and specialty materials and offer a broad product line of electrically conductive or resistive inks, coatings and epoxy adhesives, as well as ultraviolet curable dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings. Primary uses for products are in the manufacture of membrane switches, electro luminescent (EL) panels, touch screen applications, printed flexible heaters, printed cell phone and RFID antennas, potentiometers, rheostats, solar panels and disposable medical electrodes such as EEG, EKG, defibrillator pads and blood glucose sensors. Antistatic and static dissipative protective coatings, EMI/RFI shielding materials and thermally conductive products for thermal management of electro-mechanical assemblies are also available.

Imaging: Polymer Thick Films & Paste

Conductive Compounds

Creative Filtration

Chemistry: Plating Supplies


DuPont Printed Circuit Materials—DuPont Printed Circuit Materials is part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, a $1 billion business unit that consists of six businesses dedicated to the electronics industry, including printed circuit materials, high-performance and micro-circuit materials, semiconductor fabrication materials and IC packaging and interconnects.

Imaging: Dry Film Resist

Equipment & Spare Parts: Laminators


DuPont Tedlar—Tedlar polyvinyl (PVF) products are a part of the DuPont fluoropolymer family. DuPont Tedlar PVF products offer a unique balance of aesthetics while offering the durability of a fluoropolymer. Originally produced in the 60's as a transparent film, the Tedlar PVF line is continually expanding and currently consists of a PVF resin and over 150 oriented and cast films servicing a wide variety of applications and markets.

Multi-Layer Materials: Release Films

DuPont Tedlar

Easiway—Easiway Systems is committed to the development of products for the Screen Printing Industry which provide improved safety and performance over those hazardous products enjoying widespread use in the graphic arts field today. Easiway product advancements are helping many screen printing companies, large and small, achieve the goals of cost reduction, environmental compliance and workplace safety.

Screening: Chemistry

Easiway Systems

Electra—Since 1984 has been working with PCB fabricators to maximize yields and optimize processing. Electra continues to develop products that help to make the manufacture of today's sophisticated boards faster and more efficient with minimum waste and greater savings at every level.

Imaging: Liquid Photo Imageable

Screening: Solder Mask & Legend Inks



Chemistry: Plating Supplies


Haven Manufacturers

Screening: Solder Mask & Legend Inks


Industrial Fabric

Screening: Mesh

KIWO Kissel + Wolf (KIWO) is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and Screen Printable Adhesives. We offer a complete line of screen making products including AZOCOL, KIWOCOL and POLYCOL photo-emulsions, CLEANLINE for environmentally safe screen cleaning, KIWOPRINT and other specialty screen printable adhesives, KIWOMAT high precision coating machines.

Screening: Capillary Films & Emulsions

M&B—Since 1986, M&B Plating has been manufacturing racks and clamps for the printed circuit board industry. Today, M&B has a solid reputation for quality, attention to detail and unparalleled service. M&B Plating is in the business of creating custom-designed products for their clients and do so with a meticulousness and dedication that is highly appreciated in this detail-driven industry.

Chemistry: Plating Supplies


Mark V Labs—Metallurgic equipment and supplies providing quality control products to laboratories since 1963. Mark V Lab for price, performance and personal customer service.

Multi-Layer Materials: Inspection & Marking Stamps

Mark V Lab

Metallic Resources—Metallic Resources, Inc. offers a unique product mix of electrolytic solders, wire solders, solder pastes, solder fluxes, and recycling services which provide customer benefits not found with any other company. All products and services provide greater cost effectiveness, increased profitability, higher quality, and superior production line performance.

Chemistry: Solder

Metallic Resources

MTH Corporation

Imaging: Phototool Protections Films


Murakami Screen—As a world wide leading manufacturer of photo masks and stencil materials, Murakami continues to offer the highest standard of quality products and services for Screen Printing industry. Ranging from high-end precision microcircuit packaging to textile/garment printing applications, their commitment to excellence continues to improve the quality of screen printable images and process by developing and advancing innovative technologies and superb products based on more than thirty eight years of dedication to the industry.

Screening: Capillary Films & Emulsions

Screening: Mesh

Murakami Screen

OEM Press Systems, Inc.—OEM Press Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures the world's finest hydraulic press and automated material handling systems. Since 1969, they have served the electronics, composites, plastics and rubber industries with quality, innovative machinery engineered to the exact specifications of our customer's requirements.

Equipment & Spare Parts: Presses


Sefar—Sefar America Inc. is North America's leading supplier of screening products for filtration and screen printing applications.

Screening: Frames & Chases

Screening: Mesh

Equipment & Spare Parts: Screen Printing


Serfilco—Your technical resource for quality metal finishing and efficient waste treatment for over 40 years.

Chemistry: Plating Supplies


Sethco—Sethco Division is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant pumps and filtration systems for pumping, transferring and filtering a wide range of industrial corrosive liquids. Our products include drum pumps, magnetic drive pumps, vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, cartridge and bag filter chambers, in-tank/out-of-tank filtering systems, carbon purification/filtration chambers and systems, and custom filter systems plus replacement filter bags, cartridges and media.

Chemistry: Plating Supplies


Summit International Filtration Systems, Inc.—Summit International seeks the opportunity to earn your business - the old fashion way - with quick, fair, and friendly service in providing the best filtration system to satisfy your needs at very competitive prices. For over 45 years of they have provided their customers with dedicated service and support.

Chemistry: Plating Supplies

Summit Filtration

Ulano—For over 60 years, Ulano has been helping screen printers make the very best impression! Our world-wide leadership enables us to focus on your future. Ulano's history and corporate philosophy reflect our time-honored commitment to growth through innovation, applied research, high quality manufacturing, and technical education of the customer and the industry. The success of that philosophy is evident in our growth from the earliest days of knife-cut film to the manufacture of world's most comprehensive, state of the art stencil systems.

Screening: Capillary Films & Emulsions


VRS Marking—VRS Marking, founded in 1969 has grown to become a leader in the industrial part marking arena. VRS Marking specializes in fast drying, epoxy and UV curable inks along with their applicable hand stamp mechanisms.

Multi-Layer Materials: Inspection & Marking Stamps

VRS Marking

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