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  About Etchomatic, inc.

Since our inception in 1957, Etchomatic, inc. has been focused on providing products critical to the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Etchomatic, inc. was the first distributor in the nation to bring together suppliers from divergent industries under one roof to make them available for the burgeoning printed circuit board market. Etchomatic was able to bring together for the first time, markets such as silk-screen, engraving, plating, etching, and machine drilling.

Our original products were proprietary, designed specifically for the market and manufactured for us to our specifications.

Since it's early days Etchomatic has continually scoured the world looking for the best available technologies for the expanding marketplace. Our history and experience is one reason that vendors continue to choose us to bring advancements to the industry. We are well positioned to handle distribution in many simultaneous marketplaces. (www.innovativeprint.com)

Our operation is fully-computerized and staffed by capable customer service and material control departments.

Photographic film, stencils, dry-film and other temperature-sensitive products are stored in air & humidity-controlled areas, ensuring our customers fresh, top quality materials year-round.

Etchomatic maintains an inventory fulfillment system which is unmatched in the industry. Our customers save substantial time and money by eliminating inventories and ordering as needed.

Our customer base spans the United States and Canada. Our major focus, the northeastern United States is where we provide the full local presence and personal technical support.

Dozens of fine companies both large and small have chosen Etchomatic to handle their product fulfillment needs. Most recently DuPont Printed Circuit Materials Division chose Etchomatic to handle their spare parts supply. You may now purchase all the parts for the DuPont HRL-24, the ASL-24, and the many versions of exposure equipment directly from Etchomatic. We would be happy to discuss how we could further your business with our support and expertise.


Etchomatic Celebrates 60 Years!